Monday, September 22, 2014

My Bucket List

1.) To be a helicopter pilot. It is my future career dream goal in my life.

2.) I might want to go live in San Francisco sometime, I don't know but maybe.

3.) I want to get a motorcycle for my first vehicle.

4.) Go and zip line across the Atlantic Ocean.

5.) Get my eagle in scouts.

6.) Go to the Moon and play Basketball.

7.) Fly around with a jetpack.

8.) Win the lottery

9.) Go live in a Mansion

10.) Learn Chi

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"The Case Against High-School Sports"

Ripley, Amanda. "The Case Against High-School Sports." Oct. 2013: 72-78. Print
In the article Ripley shows how high school sports are affecting kids in the nation. I personally think that sports are one of the best ways to get involved in things. Even though I am not an athlete I used to be a couple years ago. I played baseball actually but I only stopped well cause im lazy sorry. I would play again but I would only do rec. None of this was ever because of grades, that was never a problem for me and is one of the reasons I will be talking about. So I believe that sports can for one make you more encouraged to do your work in school, it can keep you out of trouble, and can benefit you in high school towards scholarships for example.
Doing a Sport is going to encourage you to do your work in school because guess what you cant play if you are failing a class or two something like that its different in other schools. Some kids may say well ill just make sure I at least have a D or something close to an F. You know your walking a fine line when you do that because lets say you do have a D and you bomb a test say goodbye to your football games. One little slip up and your done. That's why its good to have at least a C+ and that's at least you should have B's and A's if your playing sports. It will show that you can be a good athlete while working on your school work. Doing a sport can actually relax you for example if you had a rough day at school well now you get to go and have some fun with your friends at a game or something and take a break from school. My point is u should be encouraged to do them it might make u think more about your grades and can teach you some skills on being able to multitask maybe.
Doing a sport can keep you out of trouble. Instead of doing drugs you could be doin something that is going to benefit you more then being a loser. It's going to get you to be more social. You could make new friends on your team. It will get you more involved in working with other people and how to deal with them. It will get you to go and get exercise for only about 2 hours a day depending on the sport. It will help you so much more then sitting home on your couch and doing drugs recking your health. Doing the right thing will benefit you more in your future of life.

Lastly probably a big thing is that a scholarship is something you can get from doing good in a certain sport. It can be hard but it's certainly possible if you work for it. That should encourage you the most if your planning on attending college which everyone should try to do In fact. Going to college is going to benefit you so much in your in your future career with a diploma that can never be taken away. It's something to think about definitely and doing a sport can help aswell. 

So all in all doing sports can benefit you in many ways like keeping you out of trouble, get more involved and more social for ecamples.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Pet Peeves

1. When people ride there bikes on the road yet theres a sidewalk right next to them. I understand that section is a bike path but if you have the option of a sidewalk USE IT.

2. I hate when people cough and use there hand. Apparently my mom said that thats what they used to teach them back then and wow no offense but whoever said to do that is dumb. Come on common sense use your arm im pretty sure your arm doesnt touch as much as your hand does last time I checked i mean thats just gross your hand is now going to infect everything it touches, nasty.

3. When ever im with my dad or mom and i see people on the highway not using a turn signal ooo that makes me mad. One of these days someones gonna try to switch lanes and someone else may not notice they are shifting over and BAM someone just died over a ridiculous thing and could of been prevented by a little switch to warn the other driver.It seems to happen more often on the highway cause they proborly think "oh will its no big deal im just moving a few feet" well tose few feet could cause a big accident actually involving multiple cars one hit after the other because of how fast everyone is traveling too.

4. People who chew there gum as loud as they can cough cough my mom cough cough. I think alot of people get annoyed by this like seriously can u smack any louder. Then ill ask my mom to stop smacking so loud and she will be like "what are u talking about i didnt even notice", of course u didnt.

5. When i ask a small question like a yes or no for example an people go on and explain for an hour on why they said either yes or no cough cough my mom cough cough. All i ever asked was for a yes or no not a lecture.

6. When i hear someone say oh that band is gay or that game is gay like use real words and say oh i dont think that band is good in my opinion and oh that game i dont really like. Makes people sound a lot more real then when u say that way gay like what it was happy haha i understand what someone means when they say gay but honestly to describe something that u dont like u say gay. It really annoying just stop.

7. I hate when im in the car and someones tailgateing me with my dad. Im seriously like sometimes oh i dare u to stop short and then they will be at fault for hitting us well GUESS WHAT DONT BE RIGHT ON MY BUTT NEXT TIME. 

8. This ones a bit nasty but when people dont use deoderant. Now thats just bad hygene i know sometimes u might have forgotten take a shower cause u fell asleep during the time u usually take one but at least before u head out of your house just put some on so its not as noticeble without any on. Always use deoderent kids.

9. People who say like 110% or anything above a 100%. Just no, when i ask u how much percent on something u cant go over 100% thats how it works. You pick between 0% and 100% no 150 or 200 its not accurate you could say.

10. Getting fruit for halloween instead of candy. THAT JUST RUINS THE POINT OF HALLOWEEN U DRESS UP AS WHOEVER U WANT AND GET CANDY IF U DONT GET CANDy THEN THAT HOUSE GETS EGGED or some kind of prank. Its only one night out of the year to get as much candy as you can not for fruit. I can eat fruit whenever ok ahhhhhh.